Prepaid phone cards and call cards make calling to Nigeria easier than ever before and can be bought online at your leisure! Our permanent calling cards
have the cheapest rates available and since we have the biggest selection of fee free phone cards, you're never forced to be paying too much for your calls.

Phone a local number to speak with loved ones when you call to Nigeria! Using our auto-refill feature, your calling card will automatically refill when the
balance get low so you'll never run out of time on your phone card! Calling with calling cards to Nigeria saves you from unneeded long distance bills because
you pay for only the time you talk with no hidden connection or maintenance fees! Telephone cards are valid for ten months from their last refill – but adding
money to your card extends the telephone cards expiration date. Buy a refillable calling card to Nigeria with no weekly fees if you'll be talking for a long period
of time or a one time phone card with a small fee and cheaper per min rates if you'll be calling one time. Our phone cards work in a similar way that
department store purchased cards – with a global access number dialed first to connect you to the Nigeria phone card.

We have carefully selected quality Nigeria phone cards for calls and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on each of our prepaid calling cards! Receive your
calling card PIN via e-mail and begin making calls right away!
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